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These latest leaks make one thing clear. The era of secrecy is over. Transparency is the way forward. It's a matter of when not if. More leaks are coming. It time for the UK to get ahead of the curve once more, and to stop wringing its hands and crying crocodile tears. Please join me in calling for action.
They say that a week is a long time in politics. But recently it feels like a day is enough to change almost anything. And if it is true that a political week is a long time, then right now a year feels like a very very long time indeed.
Isabel Torres has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for nearly 20 years and is the Global Head of Access to Medicine at Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Last week, Takeda hosted the 'Blueprint for Success' summit in Geneva - bringing together experts from government, industry, NGOs, foundations, academia, finance and the wider business world to explore how new partnerships and innovation can improve access to medicine for patients around the world.
I had started out experiencing back pain, feeling very weak and losing weight. Then after four months I was diagnosed with anaphylastic large-cell lymphoma - it's a rare type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I discovered that the cancer had already progressed to my abdomen, my spine and my lungs.
We depend on these people, and they depend on trade with us. They deserve a fair deal for their hard work. We mustn't allow exploitation, child labour or poverty pay to continue. We must demand greater transparency from companies.
Meanwhile, technological and organisational innovations as well as sustained, co-ordinated efforts across multiple stakeholders are required. The healthcare infrastructure developed to address Millennium Development Goals can be leveraged to face the NCD challenge.
How much power does one dress have? Image credit Justin Lambert The dress - a symbol of woman - oppression, femininity, frivolity
Internet access and use has grown spectacularly over the last ten years. Nearly half of the world's population is online
As the market research keeps telling us, millennials are all about experiences. And when it comes to life-enriching experiences, there's nothing more fulfilling than volunteering in an orphanage in a developing country, right? Fulfilling for the volunteer, maybe.
We are calling for a post-2015 framework that is supported by ambitious financing commitments and mechanisms that will ensure those most affected by poverty, such as those living in communities at risk from NTDs, have dramatically improved access to basic services (health, education, water, sanitation and social protection), employment and livelihoods prospects and enjoy their political and civic rights.