Rescue workers say they have found a female survivor buried in the wreckage of a Bangladeshi factory building, which collapsed
UPDATE: Dhaka Building Collapse: 'Smiling' Woman Survivor Found In Bangladesh Factory Rubble (VIDEO) Following the collapse
Eight people lost their lives after a fire tore through a clothing factory in Bangladesh's capital city of Dhaka. The tragedy
As the week proceeds the baggage of the dark night in Dhaka must be made to come to surface. The government can no longer continue its charade of growth and development built on the back of corruption and the silencing of its opposition.
UPDATE: According to Reuters, two policemen and a member of a paramilitary force were among those killed in Sunday's clashes
While many clothes companies have been associated with the Dhaka factory tragedy, low-cost, fast fashion provider Primark
When news broke last week that yet another disaster had befallen a garment factory in Bangladesh, I was angered and upset, but not very surprised. It had been a matter of months since the Tazreen factory fire had claimed 112 workers' lives, and it was inevitable that tragedy would strike again before long. I sat at my laptop, scrolling through Twitter, as more details unfolded. Incidentally, I was wearing a Primark dress.
High street clothing chain Matalan is to provide financial aid to those affected by the Bangladesh building collapse that
Primark has agreed to compensate victims of the building collapse in Bangladesh which killed more than 350 people. The disaster
Screams could be heard through the concrete . A petition has now been launched calling for Primark and other retail brands