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Diabetes UK ambassador and Ironman triathlete Jack Anderson shares his learnings since being diagnosed.
The condition affects people with type 1 diabetes who restrict their insulin to lose weight.
People with type 1 and type 2 diabetes are dying from preventable complications, figures suggest.
Scientists have successfully been able to cure mice of type one diabetes using a new type of cell-based therapy. The team
A tiny ulcer on the tip of his toe was the first sign that Mark, who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes two years ago, had a problem with his right foot. But it wasn't until five days later when he was being rushed to theatre to have emergency surgery on his foot that he fully grasped the very real danger he was in. Mark's toe and part of his foot had to be amputated, and clinicians told him he was lucky not to lose the whole of his left leg, or even his life.
I already suffered from depression and anxiety previous to my diagnosis. Up until that point I had managed to get it under control to a degree and I was medication free. However, being given some news as life changing as that can have a traumatic effect on your mental state and for me personally it really knocked me back.