Diana Vickers

The end of the ‘X Factor’ live shows means many things. It means Christmas is just weeks away *gulp*. It means the sight
Olly Murs has reportedly found comfort in the arms of fellow ‘X Factor’ alumni Diana Vickers, following his split from his
I love it. I always have. Even when I was going through my 'I don't want anyone to know I'm gay so I'm going to pretend I like Green Day' phase, all I wanted to listen to was Britney.
I like thrillers that take their time and avoid the obvious cliches. Fast cutting and overly stylistic lighting can detract from the finished movie. Above all I like a cracking tale well told.
Over the past couple of years, films such as Kill List and In Fear have proved the British horror and thriller film industry is alive and well and taking on Hollywood at its own game. I have a feeling Awaiting will soon be joining their ranks.
When it comes to shopping, I'm obviously a digital person - and it would appear that consumers all over the world are the same, or at least transitioning. The rise in shopping via mobile makes up half of the traffic on retail sites and, specifically in fashion and clothing, accounts for 36% of sales...
After months of endless rumours and speculation about what’s in store for us, the wait is finally over, a brand new series
Last week, after keeping us waiting for almost two years, we finally got to hear the Ella Henderson debut single, ‘Ghost
Former 'X Factor' star Diana Vickers is turning to laughs after signing up to star in a new Sky comedy about a group of promotions
Remember Eoghan Quigg? You know, that little Irish kid from The X Factor, who had hair like a furby and had a wee crush on