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What a week in football. We started with #PieGate, we slipped into #ClaudioGate, had Stoke unable to #ShutTheGate live on
Oh, so Dimitri was the problem after all was he? Who would have thought it, that with West Ham's star man refusing to play
So Manchester United were a matter of minutes plus a Michael Carrick ice-cream away from a terrible end to 2016. But on the
This has to be the worst Premier League title defence since, well I don't know, Chelsea last season, right? It looks like my predictions for last season might have been accurate, just a year too soon with Chelsea and City in the top two and West Ham being relegated with Leicester. I jest of course, Hull are still on track to win the league.
Ex-Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has called Chelsea striker Diego Costa a 'serial cheat'. The Chelsea star was instrumental
Chelsea and Diego Costa appear to have reached a critical point in their relationship. The misfiring striker was benched for the weekend trip across London at Tottenham and responded petulantly when he didn't make it onto the pitch at all.
Despite Remy's decisive contribution against Steve Bruce's side, he is unlikely to usurp Costa as the chief provider of goals at Stamford Bridge anytime soon. The harsh reality for Remy is that he is a victim of Jose Mourinho's preferred 4-2-3-1 system.
Current league holders Manchester City should not be surprised if on January 31 they meet a Chelsea team that plays both freely because it is relieved of some pressure and angrily because it feels that the world is responsible for its defeat at the hands of Bradford in FA Cup.
Chelsea's Spanish striker Diego Costa is not the most popular person on Merseyside this morning. Liverpool crashed out of
The line from British commentators and reporters has long been the same - the Premier League is the best league in the world. By a mile. No debate. But even if that was once true, it's abundantly clear that it's now a delusion, a line repeated out of familiarity rather than any sort of evidence.