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Faith has taught me to stay motivated on a daily basis, reminding me that I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to have the life I do
On Her Bike: I felt like a failure when I couldn't commit to riding to the office.
Do any of these sound vaguely familiar? Honest answers please!
Is it a few days? Please, be yes. A few weeks? A few months?
A workout plateau is what happens when your body adapts to the current stimulus you’ve put it under. When this happens your
What follows are the key takeaways from a 10k word guide written on creating your own workout, to view the whole guide or
Time is one of the biggest barriers to a healthy training process but none of us has enough time in the day. That's why you need to make time to include training as an integral part of your week, every week.
"That was the period which really gave me a completely new toolbox for how to live my life," Roll told HuffPost Australia
Don't worry, weight loss plateaus are totally normal.