It's been 8 months now. 8 months without gluten in my diet. 8 months without baguettes and "normal" pasta. 8 months without
Britain's attitude towards food is becoming increasingly unhealthy, and it is taking its toll on the next generation. In such a climate it intrigues me to see a book aimed at 6 to 12 year olds called 'Maggie Goes on a Diet'.
A features editor called me the other day: "Laura, can you just give me a tasty sound bite about why calorie counting doesn't work?"
When I asked one of my French friends how this links with weight control, I was awarded a gloriously Gallic shrug and the simple explanation that if something doesn't taste good she won't eat it. She deserves better, as does her body.
It might sound like a no-brainer but simple steps such as moving junk food out of sight could be the key to losing up to
When did women stop being women, and start being numbers? Pounds, kilos, stone, inches, dress sizes - why does a woman's happiness depend so readily on something that, in the great scheme of things, is almost irrelevant?
Women with a history of eating disorders appear to be more likely to have fertility problems and negative attitudes towards
Great Ormond Street Hospital has challenged claims that the cultrue of 'size zero' models is causing eating disorders among
Find out which foodstuffs are high in salt and what you can eat as a substitute in our list of the top ten surprisingly salty
Sales of supersize toilet seats soar as Brits' bottoms get too wide for the standard size...
Some rather dispiriting news for dieters has emerged, as a large study shows people who lose weight nearly always go back
According to a recent survey by the University of Worcester's Institute of Sport and Exercise Science, we believe our kids
It is ironic that French men are so far from French women who are obsessed with their bodies. Pharmacies are full of slimming potions, gels and pills. I know many who smoke so they don't eat. They also do the Posh Spice thing of nibbling slowly, taking small bites and leaving half of their meal. Its about time the French guys got on board. Paris is littered with old pot belly men and young stick thin women.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A former police officer is taking his legal battle over a health trust's refusal to fund obesity surgery