digital detox

At the end of 2016 something inside me snapped. I got sick of not being able to have a proper conversation with people because their eyes kept tracking down to note incessant updates from their phone -- almost as if their little plastic PA was jealous of not getting their undivided attention.
Social media sites designed to help people connect are actually causing them to feel more alone, say psychologists. The more
Stress and overload isn't a new phenomenon. In fact, the term "stress" and its application to the human condition was researched by Hans Selye in 1936. However, stress and anxiety brought on by the digital age is very much a modern problem, which is set to escalate if left unmanaged.
Completing this one important thing in the morning gave me an incredible energy boost to do other things, and a deep satisfaction by myself even before lunch. On the other hand, if I tried tackling small things like sorting out emails first "for the peace of mind", I ended up frustrated and not really having enough concentration to do the big thing afterwards.
'I didn’t want to shy away from the less joyful aspects of the journey.'
A mother who wanted to replicate her technology-free childhood for her four children has documented their unusual upbringing
During the Christmas season, I was busy throwing myself in to drinking and eating to excess like the rest of the nation when I had a this nagging feeling of self-disapproval (and it was nothing to do with the fact I'd just eaten a whole Terry's Chocolate Orange in secret whilst steaming my clothes for work the next day).
When it comes to social media many of us are, for want of a better word, addicted. The average person has roughly five social