digital revolution

'This is what Africa needs. Companies who will create jobs and grow and build up the continent.'
A major challenge for corporates is how to adapt management styles to the new type of employee.
'It is clear that Africa is ready to start being a key player in the digital revolution and to shake things up.'
The answer lies in understanding that today’s AIs are very narrow – they can do certain specific tasks, but only those tasks, astonishingly well.
The digital revolution has largely divorced us from the tyrannous bonds of time and place.
I've recently been binge watching a show called Halt and Catch Fire. There are many reasons why I'm drawn to it, but perhaps
Yes the internet brings kids great things like education, entertainment and relaxation...but how much real interaction with the world are they missing? How will this affect their development compared to ours? I guess at this stage, no one really knows...but hey, fingers crossed.
On Monday 14 January, reports began circulating that HMV, the nation's much-loved music retailer, was in negotiations to
The British high street has suffered another casualty after music retailer HMV filed for administration in the late hours
As you may or may not know, we are currently at the 'end of the beginning' of the Third Industrial Revolution (as some call it). Otherwise known as the Digital Revolution. I don't know about you, but at my age, I am kind of surprised to find myself part of a revolution! Flattered perhaps. And there's nothing like a revolution to get that old body out of bed on a Monday morning.