Digital TV

There are a million and one things to consider when moving house including ordering a phone line and a broadband connection. However, I strongly recommend waiting to ensure you get the right deal for you and don't end up paying more than is necessary.
"Binge-viewing" is the new term for watching multiple episodes of a TV series--or even the entire series--in a single sitting. This includes movie marathons. This includes that time you invited some friends over to "see what the fuss is about," and you watched... the whole... thing. Sound familiar?
It seems we've finally arrived at the digital dream these days, with the ability to catch up with TV whenever we like on Netflix and some exciting next generation gaming consoles on the way full of new features.
Ceefax is dead. The BBC's teletext information service was a world first when it launched in 1974, and initially provided
The switchover is actually quite monumental when you think about it. Analogue TV has been around since the age when you could only listen to radio via a can of baked beans and some string, has never screwed up or become unfashionable.
BBC iPlayer has finally launched on Xbox Live, giving Xbox owners access to re-runs of their favourite shows via their TV
Mobile browsing while watching the TV? We're a nation of 'Dual Screeners' and advertisers are learning new tricks to keep us engaged.
The term couch potato is now dead and buried. TV can now be watched anywhere, and today it launched on the iPhone with the
BBC iPlayer iPhone App Launches
The UK's analogue TV signal is to be finally switched off on 24 October 2012, according to Digital UK, the non-profit company