Not only is it bridging the gaps between industries, but also the application of scientific knowledge to machines for practical purposes has yielded previously unseen societal advances, furthered human innovation, and enabled our race to connect across societies and cultures through electronic means.
Software can be obscure, and its direct impact on the business is not always seen. However, with critical business operations relying more on software systems, it is essential for senior business executives to understand software risk and its implications.
In light of the 'Criminal Justice System Digital Business Model' being launched and police body surveillance camera schemes being piloted within the UK, Milly Bygrave explores what impact this scheme could have on our justice system and what lies in the future of digital evidence.
A few years ago, Qinetiq, a leading defence company, built a small unmanned aircraft to take pictures of its hot air balloon record attempt.
There's something about paper. Not the crisp-sheet-of-A4-fresh-from-the-printer kind of paper, but the slightly crumpled, much-read kind that carries precious words or a faded picture of someone no longer part of our lives, but who once meant everything. The kind of paper that dreams and memories and even history are made of.
The world of higher education is converging on a common cause. The impact of rapid technological advancement and globalisation has expedited a process of sharing knowledge and breaking down barriers internationally across the sector.