Although it has been unbearably hard, I have coped with finding out I have secondary breast cancer, chemotherapy, losing all my hair, surgery and radiotherapy. I still love my life, my family and friends and I plan to stay being myself until such time as I can no longer do so. What I find so hard to cope with is that I have no choice about when and how long it will take me to die.
To have the option of an assisted death in this country would relieve intolerable suffering for terminally ill people. It would allow them to wrestle back control from illnesses that are taking everything from them. It would represent true choice at the end of life.
People often say to me 'I am living!' Yes, we are all breathing, waking up in the morning and going to work and doing our best to get by. Yet, I wonder how many of us are merely existing. There is a vast difference between the two. Whilst this is something I have often pondered on (especially since the sudden passing of my mother), this film really brought it home to me.
Watching How to Die: Simon's Choice on BBC2 last night has brought back a lot of memories for us. We too have direct experience of accompanying loved ones to have an assisted death. It is a difficult and unique experience that poses many challenging questions, something that Mr Binner's wife Debbie has spoken eloquently about in the last few days.
People must be helped to take their own lives without being forced to travel to Switzerland, a former Crown Prosecution Service
Unlike the campaign for legalising assisted suicide, the campaign for sustainable long term funding for medical research into mesothelioma has struggled to attract publicity, even though it is aimed at finding solutions so that victims such as Bob Cole may have the possibility of an extended life worth living.
One of the final wishes of a terminally-ill man who has ended his life at a Swiss clinic was for a change in the law which
Lamb, an assisted dying sceptic-turned-advocate and former Care Minister, had also backed Falconer's original bill in 2014
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A retired art teacher committed assisted-suicide because she could not adapt to the pace of change in modern life, saying