Dimitri Payet

Payet has been thoroughly slated by the British media, derided as a snake and a traitor by Hammers fans left feeling betrayed - Bilic himself used words such as 'angry' and 'let down' - and has seen his professional reputation altogether sullied by the whole unsavoury affair. But let's pause for a moment and take the time to actually consider if the player really is the awful monster he has been so eagerly portrayed as.
What Payet's shenanigans have ultimately done is avert critical eyes away from the team's performances on the pitch, not to mention ease fears about Bilic's future. With no so called star player, there will inevitably be less media attention around the squad and the need to appease Payet with positive results will also be absent.
Oh, so Dimitri was the problem after all was he? Who would have thought it, that with West Ham's star man refusing to play
When he arrived on these shores and made an impressive debut in West Ham's opening day 2-0 victory at Arsenal, it would have been entirely acceptable for any self-effacing football fan to conclude that he was 22 or 23, given his voracious appetite for the game.
Fantasy football managers take many forms. There are those that go top heavy, goal-hungry obsessives - the Kevin Keegans. Then there are the managers that take the careful approach when building their fantasy football team. Beginning at the back with a well thought-out and solid defence - the Tony Pulis' of fantasy football management.
The Marseille star has played more key passes (54) than any other player in Europe's top 5 leagues this season and it helps that Payet has bought into Bielsa's philosophy instantly. Part of his fine form is down to his excellent vision when in possession and clever movement off the ball to find space in order to receive a pass from his teammates, enabling him to create chances.