disabled rights

'No one put you in there but we must show you pity because of the law.'
A London bus driver has been filmed in a remarkable altercation with a disabled man trying to board her vehicle. Chris Stapleton
In 2010 the Act was hailed as the dawn of a barrier free world. Looking around, this brave new world looks a lot like the old one. There are still shops with steps to the only entrance. There are still epic battles being waged on public transport.
This year wasn't my first music festival or my first time at Reading. However it was the first time I could really share the full festival experience and highlight how amazing these events are for everyone. I hope you enjoy the video report we made for you...
Imagine you need to use the loo. Really, right now, you desperately need a loo. Now imagine you're in Uganda, one of the poorest countries on the planet. Now imagine you're in Uganda and you don't have the use of your legs. You don't have a proper wheelchair to get around with either - you use a hand-pedal bike, creaky and rusty.
Labour is to call for the French company in charge of controversial fit-for-work assessments to be "sacked". Liam Byrne, the
A pensioner arrested on suspicion of manslaughter after a 64-year-old man was killed in a row over a disabled parking space
A man has been killed in a row over a disabled parking space in a supermarket car park, police said. A 65-year-old man has
A disabled man has described his distress after being left stranded inside an Atos centre when the fire alarm went off. Geoff