Children's commissioner describes reports as "huge disappointment" while others say the government had "over-promised something that wasn’t deliverable".
Trump's record does not suggest that he’s a man who handles disappointment well
On Saturday 9th September 2017, I was in America visiting my son and his wife. Being the 9/11 weekend, there were numerous commemorative 5k and 10k events including one in Bridgewater, New Jersey, the 9/11 Heroes Run for the Travis Manion Foundation. As this was only 20 miles from where I was staying I thought, "why not?"
For many families across the UK, the dust is beginning to settle. This week sees the end of the exam season where many young people have been receiving their results for University Finals, A2/AS levels and most recently, GCSEs.
From a young age we all grow to fear our parents uttering those soul-crushing words - "I'm not angry. I'm just disappointed". Our parents could shout at us for hours on end and nothing would compare to the intolerable, sick-to-the-stomach feeling of knowing that they are disappointed in us. Even as an adult, we dread hearing those words.
I think back to the times that I've really felt aggrieved. It was usually because it was from the people that I least expected it from. I didn't see it coming. I think the biggest disappointments always come from those that you know
I never entertained the thought of a gap year. I thought such a year was meant for traveling and I've never been enamored by the idea. Schools don't really talk to you seriously about taking a year out; it's sort of a "you're on your own" policy, which is a scary concept even when your gap year is premeditated.
There was something I wanted, let's call it The Opportunity. The Opportunity was presented to me as a possibility that I could explore. It would require me to think about things a bit differently, move out of my comfort zone, step up, take some chances. I decided to go for it.
It is always worth keeping in mind that disappointment can be turned into an opportunity. Life works out in different ways and disappointments like not achieving the A-Levels results you desired are part of life.