Disasters and Accidents

An exclusion zone has been put in place 500m around the site.
Five people have died with two others injured, after a small plane crashed into a Southern California house. The pilot was the only person in the plane.
Search and rescue efforts to find the more than 300 people missing after a mining dam collapse in Brazil, have resumed. They were temporarily halted when local authorities ordered the evacuation of over 24,000 residents over fears that a second dam may collapse. The order was called off and rescuers have returned to searching. The death toll stands at 58 and is expected to rise as areas dry out and search teams can access more of the Brumadinho village.
Governor Romeu Zema said there was little chance of finding people alive.
Seventy firefighters tackled the blaze in Courchevel.
60 people evacuated from building and 22 injured – four seriously
The incident was caused by a gas leak, police believe.
Nearly 400 people were killed and over a thousand were reported injured after a tsunami hit Indonesia’s Sunda Strait late on 22 December.
At least 373 people were killed after Anak Krakatau erupted on Saturday, triggering huge and deadly waves.
Riefian Fajarsyah said the rest of his band and crew were killed or missing.
It is thought that the tsunami was caused by the eruption of an island volcano.
At least two carriages derailed, with 47 people left injured.
In 2017 a total of 9,740 people were killed or injured on a bicycle or motorbike – an average of one every hour.
At least 12 people have been killed on the island of Sicily after storms brought torrential flooding, after weather caused severe damage in Italy.