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“We lost a legend,” co-star Reed Timmer said.
We decided to have a little bit of fun with some classic movie titles and epic stories about Madiba’s life.
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Ever wondered what went into making a marriage work during the time of the liberation struggle? Here’s what we found out.
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These 5 actors played Nelson Mandela in a movie in recent times... but did they nail it?
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If there is anything cuter than a baby orangutan, it must surely be a baby orangutan too scared to climb by itself. To celebrate
Which is all very well, but would seem to be a massive oversight on the part of fans, forgetting Ben Stiller's multi-capable
The Discovery Channel has aired a show which revealed a man don a “snake-proof” suit and attempt to be swallowed whole by
What it is about being young, beautiful and beyond privileged that drives certain individuals to a life of crime? 'Young
If you thought you’d seen it all – then you’re wrong. The Discovery Channel has announced an upcoming episode in which a
A video has captured terrifying footage showing the moment a Great White Shark decides that it's going to eat a drone for