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'Disney Infinity 2.0' is out now for most major formats. Key Features: New 'standalone' Avengers adventure featuring Marvel
Disney Infinity was one of the best new gaming experiences of last year, taking the classic mouse-ears universe and turning
Each Pixelbot manoeuvres around a surface on two magnetic wheels, altering its position and colour to act as one pixel in a larger image. Disney Research has developed algorithms based on swarm robotics, which allows the emergence of group behaviour through the actions of individual agents.
Disney Infinity is one of a number of games that wants to change this by putting simple accessible game creation tools in the hands of everybody. Their new title is well known for using physical toys to access in-game characters in the Play Set adventures but less well known for its Toy Box game development mode.
One of the most popular developments in family video-games over the last few years is the cross-over between virtual and physical play. Games like Skylanders and Disney Infinity use real toys to access in game content and characters.
'Disney Infinity' is a multi-platform video game system, which uses Skylanders-like toys to send kids on digital adventures
There are a few potential downsides. Toy Box Mode is pretty intensive graphically, and it remains to be seen how the current
As E3 opens its doors in LA, the yearly video-game show is garnering plenty of excitement among gamers young and old.