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A mum was told her son was unable to take part in a “princess for a day” experience at Disneyland Paris because he’s a boy
Kids should be barred from bars, right? Right. Well, except if it's your kid and you're on holiday. Yes, they're tired, but they're having fun and well, basically, you're sick to death of having to go to bed at 8 o'clock at night because you, your husband and your two toddlers are all sleeping in the same shoebox of a room where you can barely fart without waking the baby, let alone have a whispered chat or read a book.
Thought all those pictures of Tom Hardy with dogs were cute? Well, how about Tom Hardy wearing a pair of Mickey Mouse ears
A worker has been found dead inside a "haunted house" attraction in Disneyland Paris. The body of a technician who had worked
A worker has been found dead inside a "haunted house" attraction in Disneyland Paris. The body of a technician who had worked
Wow! It's hard to believe another couple of weeks have gone by since my last post! I can't believe we are in April already, does anyone else feel like this year is just disappearing? I've had the best couple of weeks! I've been overseas, had my hair and makeup done professionally 6 separate times and done more exercise than I can even comprehend, so it's no surprise I'm writing this exhausted from bed...
A 28-year-old man carrying two handguns, ammunition and a copy of the Koran was arrested on Thursday trying to enter the
3. Become a culture buff Paris isn't just the capital of delicious food and extraordinary artwork. It's also the premier
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Paris is many things to many people: the city of love, the city of delicious food and most of all, the city of fabulous shopping
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Many of the Disneyland® Paris resorts also have pools where you can take a refreshing dip, and fitness centres with state
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Disneyland Paris is facing a pricing probe amid claims it charges British tourists more than its French customers, according
Disneyland Paris is the place to be seen this year, with a host of celebs flocking there to soak up the magic and get that
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You're never too old for the magic of Disneyland Paris. From high-octane rides for thrill-seekers to sophisticated spas and
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What's the plan for the weekend? Same old drinks in the same old bar followed by the same old late night bite waiting for
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*Seven confirmed by the woman who provided her voice. But first, the plot... It's not easy being 16, especially when you're
A Saudi Arabian prince has reportedly spent £12.8m on a three-day break at the Disneyland resort near Paris. Fahd Al-Saud
The first place I went to after getting off the train was le Sacré-Cœur in Paris which is the most exquisite church I have ever visited! It was of course inundated with people especially what with it being Easter but I still managed to squeeze myself through the tourists to get an aerial view of Paris.
Rylan Clark's given his mate Katie Price a run for her money in the crazy outfit stakes since appearing on 'The X Factor