A British Muslim family who won substantial damages from Mail Online and an apology from Katie Hopkins has called for the
The columnist's apology tweet has become her most shared ever.
Katie Hopkins has been forced to apologise for a string of mistruths and defamatory claims about a British Muslim family
A well-behaved service dog is melting hearts across the world after having his caricature drawn at Disneyland.  The adorable
A teenager has come out to her family in the best possible way - while on a water ride at Disneyland. Gina, originally from
There's a land where those who dare to dream can do whatever they like, with careless abandon. Where it's entirely possible to be whomever you want, whenever you need. And when the moment arrives to change your mind and walkaway, you can - with no more than a friendly wave and smile in exchange for the trouble.
My latest obsession right now, is the my Fitbit Charge HR. Which, to give you a bit of a low down if you don't know already
A trainee guide dog has had the best reaction to meeting his "favourite character" Pluto at Disneyland. The young dog, called
A 28-year-old man carrying two handguns, ammunition and a copy of the Koran was arrested on Thursday trying to enter the
Many of the Disneyland® Paris resorts also have pools where you can take a refreshing dip, and fitness centres with state
In Partnership with Disneyland® Paris
If David Beckham is campaigning for the Dad of the Year award, then he may have just pulled it out of the bag with this Frozen
Banksy is rumoured be be creating a bleak alternative to Disneyland in Weston-super-Mare Secretive street artist Banksy is
A dad who lost six stone in just over a year said his primary motivation was wanting to ride the rollercoasters with his
Kim Kardashian has shared some beautiful photos from her North West's second birthday party, and it seems that the reality
A measles outbreak that begin in Disneyland, California and rapidly spread to communities across America was linked to low
Visting Disneyland can be a nightmare - it's expensive, the queues take ages and everywhere is packed. Fortunately when you're
The crux of my problem with the current debate is that this just isn't one of those decisions we make for our families alone. This isn't one of the times where you get to weigh it up and make the call. This isn't about your individual freedom, its about basic community responsibility.
We still haven't forgiven Gaston for the way he treated Belle in Beauty and the Beast. And, as a result, we were pleased