"Young people should ensure that skills related to the digital technology and other components of the fourth industrial revolution are prioritised."
If your brand does not know how to engage in the matter online properly, rather stay mum. This will do less reputational damage.
The challenge of embracing innovation in your business and how to get over it.
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What the disruptions have done is halt the "everydayness of university life" – to say it is not business as usual.
There is often a chasm between our preconceived ideas about how people will do a thing and the way in which they actually do it.
Say the word 'disruption' and you'll most likely think of Silicon Valley; online businesses that are challenging old, established ways of doing business.
'Disruption' is one of those phrases, isn't it? An annoying buzzword that's already entered into cliché. A word that makes you want to switch off. But however grating the term, the big digital disruptors of the day are transforming how we live and work.
When you run a business, there are opportunities galore for falling into the trap of measuring false metrics.
The shift we're seeing today is different, but the same principles apply. No matter how socially conscious governments claim to be, business interests dominate, so business ought to give back.
Black characters have been tasked with fulfilling stereotypical roles, this misrepresentation directly affects black viewers in a personal context.