Distance Learning

It's never too late to go back to school - although pursuing further education as an adult involves much more than sitting
As anyone who's ever tried working from home can attest, environment does indeed affect productivity. Which is to say that
Access to education should not be dependent on who you are or where you live. It's a statement few would argue with in terms of sentiment but one many would object to as a reflection of reality.
Business and education. They should be perfect partners, with businesses relying on educational institutions to deliver individuals with the qualifications and skills they need to flourish, and educational institutions maintaining their relevancy by working to make sure they understand and reflect those needs in courses offered.
Education is only part of the equation with this second statistic. But isn't it a shocking thought that we could potentially be losing our young talent to other countries simply because we're not having the right conversations with them about their career and education options?
Too many academics still spend too much of their time in ivory towers and not engaging their students... modern students want to change this. Academics will have to change too.
If you are thinking of making a change to your career, online distance learning could be the viable option you are looking
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I believe that a young person's future is dictated, in large part, by their own determination and perseverance coupled with access to meaningful education, support, and experience. But this report would indicate that there is a big problem here.
It is a little known fact that during his 27 years of imprisonment Nelson Mandela studied a law degree as a distance learning student with the University of London. Although none, as far as I am aware, of the many prisoner distance learners we funded have become a president; thousands have used the opportunity of education in prison to change for the better.