Dita Von Teese

I was reminded this week of the joke about the Bishop who is caught sunbathing nude and reacts by putting his towel over his head rather than over his private parts. On being challenged on why he has done this, he replies "people normally recognise me by my face".
Once upon a time there was a thing called foreplay. Sometimes it was silent: just a kiss in a club and an awkward scuffle in the toilets. Others took more time with it. They wrote sweet lines, sent flowers, asked a lady to dance and, even, for her hand in marriage before they even embarked on it.
All manner of great, good and evil from the celeb world got fully involved in the Halloween festivities this year. Anyone
Seamed, silk, fishnet or nylon, whether you like it or not, the stocking-clad leg has become synonymous with female sexuality
Men don't always understand girl on girl crushes but point them in the direction of Dita Von Teese and then they get it. How could they not? Her mega-watt glamour shines across traditional lines of attraction like a real life Jessica Rabbit, if Mrs Rabbit had a couture wardrobe, heavy on corsetry and custom made Louboutins.
Curves are back and what better way to contain them than pouring them into a corset? While Dita Von Teese and Christina Hendricks
Lace, leather, dark lipstick and eyeliner make up the staples of many a goth’s wardrobe. But who pulls it off the best? In
Dita Von Teese has been in London the last few nights, celebrating the launch of both the Christian Louboutin 20th anniversary
Ladies, its time to make the most of your assets – for it is, of course, National Cleavage Day! Yes, the annual celebration
If there's a lady on this planet who knows her lingerie, it's Dita Von Teese. And she's putting her expertise to good use