Divorce Advice

Once divorced, parents must look through a new lens to see how they can continue their efforts in the immense family change.
There is no easy way to tell your spouse you want to call time on your marriage. It may not have been an easy decision for you, there could be ill feeling and there is likely to be trepidation at what lies ahead. In addition, there may be some regret and some sympathy for your partner, however bad things have got.
I fought for ages about seeking professional help. My defense was "I'm fine!". On reflection, the early days of the split were when I needed help the most, over 4 years on I believe that this lack of professional help in the early stages has impacted on how I deal with my emotions now. Go get help and don't be embarrassed about it!
When you first split up with your partner I am sure (as I know from experience) that advice will flow in from a variety of angles - especially family and friends. They mean well, but not all advice should be taken as gospel
Usually the decree absolute marks the end of my work with my divorce clients, however, recently I have been getting back in touch with some of them to find out how they are getting on now. With them all I have found they are in a much better place in their lives
Photo: www.fotolia.com Whilst thankfully many of us have had harmonious and relaxing Christmas breaks, sadly the same can't
The first day that legal offices are open after Christmas is known as D-Day, when family solicitors are inundated with enquiries
I hear from a lot of parents struggling over how to agree arrangements for their children with their ex. It is, at the best of times, an enormous strain on most people. It is the nature of our love for our children that we usually miss them when they are not with us.
Parents have to find a way to discuss these and other parentings issues and protect their children from acrimony and avoidable hurt and loss. Mediation creates a safe and neutral place for these conversations to take place. Furthermore, the mediator is highly trained and experienced in facilitating their much needed conversations and can help with formulating new boundaries and ways of communicating and planning that work.
I spend quite a significant amount of time with clients assuring them that they have more control of the outcome of the Divorce than they originally perceive. Many people come prepared for a fight and with that mind-set is exactly what they will get...