Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Watching 'The Day Of The Doctor' on Saturday? Play along at home with our bingo card - it's fun for all the family! (Created
Through my nursery and primary school years the good Doctor will be my truest and most reliable friend. He will teach me how to try and disarm situations with a funny story, or a joke or a random distraction, which in turn will help me manage situations in which I am bullied or when I ultimately become a teacher.
Is there anyone else out there? Or am I the only living being in the entire galaxy who's been left totally unmoved by the current outbreak of Doctor Who-steria? Don't get me wrong: I have nothing against the good Time Lord... It's just that I don't get it (him).
One of the many things we learned from this walk through a nostalgic wonderland was that 'Doctor Who's title sequence was
Tom Baker has confirmed he WILL appear in the 50th anniversary episode of 'Doctor Who'. The actor - who played the fourth
Paul McGann has reprised his role as the eighth incarnation of the Time Lord in a new 'Doctor Who' mini-episode. The actor
The blame of course cannot be entirely put onto the acting of Matt Smith. A major let down has been the writing. I am not one of these people who felt the stories were too complicated and the show needed to dumb down, if I wanted dumb/waste of time I'd watch The Only Way Is Essex.
The 'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary is almost upon us and, to celebrate the occasion, a new series is running fans through
No doubt there's frenzied fan speculation regarding The Day of The Doctor, the 50th anniversary Doctor Who special set to
The latest names to join in the celebrations for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary have been announced, with another Time Lord