dog costumes

A 'Star Wars' fan has created an incredible dog costume, turning her Doberman into a Stormtrooper. Sabrina Ridler spent hundreds
Old skool: Gym style: Drinking Pugweiser: Princess Leia: Hoodie: Turtleneck style: Karl Lagerfeld: Snow style: The cast of
There's a reason they're called 'man's best friend', you know. And it's chiefly because they let us dress them up in stupid
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Spider-Pig? No, it's a lovable little dog dressed as a giant spider - and the result is
All our Christmases? They just came at once, the moment we started watching this. It's a dog wearing a costume that makes
The only thing cuter than a) the Easter bunny or b) a pug is, of course, a pug dressed as the Easter Bunny. So thank goodness
There are dogs... and there are dogs with fancy dress outfits. And there are dogs with fancy dress outfits... and there's
New York City was overrun by canines in costume this weekend as it hosted the country's largest Halloween dog parade. Hundreds
Now, we've never been to 'Diva Dogs Day' - mainly on account of not owning a dog - but we have to say it looks a lot of fun
Sniffling and snorting inside a Hoth Wampa outfit, this clueless pug clattering around on confused claws is a viral video