dog tricks

"I can tell, they are more civilized than many car driver," writes the uploader of this video on YouTube, Chafik Moussaoui
Watch out! It's the dog police! Or possibly the dog ambulance service. Either way, everyone should get out of the way of
Was there ever a finer (or shorter and sweeter) example of inter-species cooperation? We think not. Nice work, Waylon (the
When Lexi was rescued from the SPCA in 2009, she had some behavioural issues, was severely underweight and had no hair around
"Our 7 month old puppy Inky hates to be away from his best friend Scooby (14 years old)," explains Maureen Gilronan. "He
And it's pretty impressive, we're sure you'll agree. But if only it had been something by Snoop Dog. Or Bloodhound Gang. Or
And today's award for Smartest Canine goes to... this little pup in Japan! Nice work, Fido!(Via Most Watched Today)
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the canine equivalent of the Waltons. Yes, we defy to not be both delighted and impressed by this
Well, it's probably more useful in this day and age than herding sheep, isn't it? "Running out of things to teach my border
Move over, Lassie! Hang up your collar, Uggie! There's a new canine actor in town. Yes, this husky hasn't just got the 'play