dog tricks

There are dog tricks (see below) - and there are really quite spookily amazing dog tricks. Yes, this YouTube video is called
This week, we've had both corgi puppies and goalkeeping cats - and now the two have come together, in some sort of perfect
Polish photographer Alicja Zmyslowska is just 17 years old, but as you can see from her portfolio, she takes wonderful pictures
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Rouge. Rouge is a year old blue Australian Cattle Dog- a breed of dog renowned for its energy
Move over, Pudsey! There's a Chinese dog that's got talent, too. Yes, say hello to the two-year-old pooch above, who's been
The man in the video above likes eating bananas. His dog also likes eating bananas. They only appear to have one banana. So
And you thought YOU were having a good day. Yes, you may well be in a good mood (and if you're not, just look at these pictures
Look, we felt just as grossed out as you do now when we first saw the name of this video. But then we watched it - and immediately
Dog-owners, be warned! There is nothing more irritating to your four-legged friend than when you put the one thing she wants
Obviously, there's absolutely nothing funny about a dead dog. But don't worry, folks: this dog isn't dead. It's merely playing