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Dog Vs Frozen Tennis Ball: It's an epic battle of wills! And nature. Yes, it turns out it's not just the British, or the
Be afraid. Be very afraid. Of... .... ... ...DRAMATIC BOSTON TERRIER! That is all. Seriously. We don't think this video warrants
Maymo the dog is back! With a New Year video that's up their with his finest work (cabbage, mouse slap fail, etc). Yes, the
Move over, Pudsey! There's a Chinese dog that's got talent, too. Yes, say hello to the two-year-old pooch above, who's been
What a year! For penguins and babies especially. Yes, HuffPost UK Comedy has spent 2012 bringing you the best and funniest
And you thought YOU were having a good day. Yes, you may well be in a good mood (and if you're not, just look at these pictures
Having a bad day at work? Looking for something to instantly put a smile on your face and a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart
It's now time for us all to settle down and watch this utterly brilliant video - created by YouTuber charlitabonita10 - of
Now, let this new YouTube video act as a stark warning to those of you who are occasionally tempted to leave an unattended
Now, here's something you don't see every day (unless you happen to live with the dog in this video, that is). It's a cute