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This chunky little corgi, affectionately named 'The Dude', is just a few inches short of climbing the stairs. Despite his
Autumn is a wonderful time of year, and this dog is ecstatic to see the leaves falling from the trees. Stella the golden
There's something about leaf blowers, hoses etc. that just send dogs crazy. They always feel the need to run towards the
Tango the dachshund is in a sticky situation, having run along a very thin wall he can't turn around on. The only way out
Let's face it - sometimes, stairs are a little too big for puppies. The baby dogs' little legs just can't manage. But this
Halloween is probably the only time we'd forgive you for dressing up your dog. There's nothing better than a pup getting
Cody Viselli has a problem... His dog is a bit timid. So timid, in fact, that the little pup runs away at the sight of literally
Etienne Harris' dogs were pleased to see him when he came home from work, but they didn't know he knew what they'd been up
Maymo, an adorable lemon beagle, has decided to run for president of the United States in 2016. If he manages to file all
In case you ever needed more proof that dogs are awesome, one owner has trained his clever black labrador to fetch beer from