It’s not just us humans who are feeling the effects of the summer heatwave - the animal kingdom has been having fun keeping cool, from bears taking a swim to tigers munching on some icy treats. With temperatures this year set to be record-breaking, the RSPCA has urged pet owners to take extra care in the heat to make sure their furry friends have plenty of water and shade.
Five-year-old Rottweiler Maggie loves to pick up plastic bottles on her walks. Her owner Susan Parr says Maggie worked her way up from picking up tennis to collecting litter. Parr set up #BeMoreLikeMaggie to encourage people to recycle.
Cara Sue Achterberg was never planning to be a doggie foster mum to 136 dogs. But after losing her beloved dog Lucy, Cara and her husband started fostering dogs in the hope of finding “their” dog. But after realising how many dogs need help while waiting to find “forever homes”, the couple decided to keep on fostering and helping the animals, who often come to them neglected or sick.
National Bring Your Dog To Work Day is an annual fundraising event for charities helping man’s best friend.
Almost 2,000 dogs were illegally taken from their homes last year.
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