dogs in snow

Americans woke up on Thursday to once again find much of the country besieged by snow. More than a foot fell on towns and
Picture the scene: the polar vortex has brought two feet of snow to Kalamazoo, Michigan. Meaning that the inhabitants of
Because the polar vortex isn't just creating misery, you know. Congratulations, little corgi. Your excitement at your owner
The only thing cuter than a puppy? A puppy playing in the snow. And the only thing cuter than a puppy playing in the snow
Specifically: dogs and cats vs snow. From cats on (cold, slated) roofs to dogs making snow angels, check out some of our
In which Ginzey the dog is given a snow maze to navigate - and a time limit - and manages to... well, we'll let you see what
Last month, we brought you Cat Vs Snow - the adorable video of Fletcher the cat experiencing the white stuff for the first
You may think that cats are daft, getting flummoxed by snow, but dogs, it seems, are much dafter. Yes, they can cope with