Dominican Republic

Soft white sand, crystal-clear water, perfect weather... it's not hard to see why every year millions of visitors flock to the islands of the Caribbean. It ticks all the boxes of a perfect tropical holiday. Here is the scoop on just some of the beautiful destinations of which dreams and desktop wallpapers are made.
Wouldn't it be great if, instead of buying the usual, you chose one egg from a company which works with farmers to make change for the better? You don't even have to go any further than your local supermarket to make the change.
Imagine being born in a country where your parents and grandparents also grew up and then one day being told you are no longer eligible for nationality there. This means you will no longer have access to education, healthcare, a formal job, social security, or even be able to marry or register the births of your children...
The Dominican Republic may be on the higher end of the scale, but it is certainly not the only country where women face indiscriminate violence and death in their daily lives just because of their gender.
Kim enjoys a swim in the Dominican Republic What does Kim Kardashian do while on her holidays? Why, pop out in a bikini near
Besides Hispaniola itself- the second largest island in the Caribbean, Haiti and the Dominican Republic share one more thing in common - their seismic fault lines.
Multi-millionaire fraudster and Liberal Democrat donor Michael Brown has been arrested in the Dominican Republic after going