Donating to Charity

As ministers scramble to engrain a culture of giving on society - such as through 'nudges' at cash machines and supermarket check-outs - perhaps allocating a small proportion of each person's wealth to charity is the only way to ensure the UK's safety net is large enough to withstand the unfolding crisis.
A happy fact of life at Opera Holland Park is that our largest source of income still comes from the seats we sell to our audience. For an arts organisation that has to be a healthy state of affairs; the art itself is the focus and driver of everything. But we, like others, have to find people and organisations with the resources to make the books balance.
We need the Treasury to think again and reverse a decision which could cost charities millions of pounds. Philanthropists are not tax dodgers. Claiming tax relief on major donations is not a ploy to save tax.
British children will be in line for a cash windfall with every medal won by an American athlete at the London 2012 Olympics
Some of the wealthiest people in the country are donating to charities which "don't do a great deal of charitable work" in
The Holidays are approaching. People are decorating their homes ahead of celebrations, and rushing around to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Amidst all the merriment, charitable organisations work hard to meet the needs of the most vulnerable and needy members of society.
Perhaps we could start a recycling project to encourage parents to put school uniform in charity clothing banks specifically for uniform and schools could nominate children for it to be distributed to.
It is often reported that London has the largest population of homeless people in the UK; however it is important to remember that not having a home is a national problem.
Businesses can create their own identity through CSR, and should be encouraged to broadcast their philanthropic successes as a badge of honour.
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