After a period of prolonged unemployment for a lot of people during the lockdown, this charity connects donors to those needing to pay their bills. Pandemic of Love has connected thousands to each other in the US as well as the UK.
Figures show ever vote cost the Conservatives 93p to Labour's 35p.
Final figures for donations received by political parties during the election campaign have revealed the Tories frittered
What would you say to the stranger who saved your husband's life? How would you even begin to say thank you? Not questions I ever thought I'd have to answer. Until last week. When I started seeing George almost ten years ago, he was still undergoing treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia...
This week Turkey is hosting the first ever World Humanitarian Summit - one of the objectives of the summit is a new Grand Bargain between the 15 main donors and 15 main recipient networks. But will it result in the Agenda for Humanity that the UN Secretary General bravely called for in February?
The London Fire Brigade is supporting an urgent appeal to help a four-year-old boy find a lifesaving stem cell donor. Tommy
A talented 15-year-old sprinter who has been diagnosed with leukaemia is desperately seeking a stem cell transplant to save
World leaders are gathering in Kuwait today to decide the fate of millions of people in Syria and the neighbouring countries. The Kuwait pledging conference, the third of its kind, will bring together the UN and donor governments to pledge money to help civilians caught up in the spiralling violence. They will need to be generous - as the war enters its fifth year, Syrians and their neighbours are increasingly unable to cope with this unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.
The Conservative Party's annual Black And White Fundraiser on Monday saw the rich and famous elite splashing hundreds or