Don't Tell the Bride

It's now been a full decade since the reality show's most outrageous episode aired for the first time.
Producers of the E4 show pulled the plug on Yanis and Chanise's ceremony after making a shock discovery.
“Oh my God. She looks like the Virgin Mary,” another wrote.  A contestant on ‘Don’t Tell The Bride Ireland’ decided to dye
A bride-to-be was left distraught after discovering her fiancé had organised to send her down the aisle in a bumper car. Kloe
’Don’t Tell The Bride’ finds a new home on Sky 1 on Thursday evening, but all the potential for disaster and doomed romance
And again... LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER When the bride *hates* the dress One of BBC Three's most successful
There’s good news for ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ fans, as the next series of the show will be screened in a primetime slot on
Many of Matt and David's characters are instantly recognisable 8. ‘Little Britain’ Do you know anybody who can’t utter one