double standards

Being South-Asian and Muslim are not to blame here, I'm merely acknowledging that as a female, South Asian Muslim, my intersecting identities have enabled me to notice gender inequality first-hand and experience the troublesome nature of sexual politics that have affected women for generations and are still affecting many of us today.
Feminism was supposed to be about enabling women (and men) to choose how they want to live their lives. Now, though, it has been twisted and distorted into a ridiculous expectation that every woman must be all she can be, to realise (or even exceed) her potential in every area.
Tuesday's reshuffle thus marks the return to grace of the former Chief Secretary to the Treasury who, in May 2010, was forced to resign from his post only days into the job after his parliamentary expenses claims became the subject of close scrutiny, and then scandal. What had Laws done, and what are we to make of his return?
Life in London: it is hectic and brutal yet truly vibrant. On the one hand the diverse population and innovative businesses lead to forward thinking and trend setting. Yet in many ways London clings onto the old and familiar. Views on gender are a paradigm case.