Model Hamdia Ahmed was kicked out of Dunkin’ Donuts after being allegedly refused service for speaking her own language.
If you think a doughnut is one of the most sugar-laden breakfast choices you could make, you’d be wrong.
You know vegan has become a monster food trend when you can pick up a dairy-free, meat-free, egg-free and in many cases gluten-free quick bite on pretty much any street corner. I'm not talking about high street fancy pants restaurants with incomprehensible menus. I mean the fun, fast, humble, finger-licking stuff from food trucks, pop-up cafes, market stalls, burger bars, and the like. Proper street food.
Read more on The Huffington Post One of the doughnuts on offer is made up of spaghetti, Parmigiano cheese, eggs, olive oil
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Dunkin' Donuts has been urged by human rights groups to withdraw a "bizarre and racist" advertisement for doughnuts. The