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Only people who want to live in North Korea don't accept that, he said.
Douglas Carswell has admitted he is “very keen” for Britain to continue allowing unlimited numbers of EU workers into the
Further evidence of the party's slow demise?
UKIP will contest fewer council seats than the Green Party in the coming May elections in England, new figures have revealed
Try to remember the name Mark Reckless. Not for any profound political reason, but because in years to come those words will be the answer to the pub quiz question: "Who was the second Tory to defect to Ukip in 2014?" That's the only reason to remember him - the only reason to even keep those two words in your brain. After all, why else take the time to remember just another politician willing to go back on their principles so they can stay in public office?
On this week's Commons People, the team tear apart Theresa May's Article 50 letter, pore over the Great Repeal Bill and rant about Douglas Carswell. There's also a quiz on EU trade deals that for some reason not given is based on Stevie Wonder songs...
Douglas Carswell was today accused by Sky News’ Kay Burley of “running scared” of the voters by refusing to trigger a by
I'm looking forward to seeing what Carswell does next, because surely now everything he stands for has been destroyed. He can no longer play the 'I'm a great democrat' card - because he's not. He can no longer argue that politics is a cartel dominated by people who don't want to give up power - because he is one of them. He can no longer lambast his fellow politicians for breaking promises made to voters - because he has done the same.