Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

“I am strong, I am beautiful, and I will not be erased.”
If ever there was a time for a brand that truly spoke to women on their own terms, this is it. Some have not only managed to get it right but are finding interesting new ways of engaging their audience using the constantly changing tools we have at our disposal.
Some of us feel compelled to decide the fate of Celebrity Big Brother and vote for the winner of X-Factor yet the political parties in the UK seem to be missing the mark when activating female voters. Why are these "missing millions", who many believe will provide the swing vote in the May election, not being inspired?
Last Thursday evening the unbelievable happened. An awards ceremony took place in the House of Commons for body confidence. No need for a red carpet or pomp and circumstance. No male politicians driving agendas to win elections. Just a group of individuals of all shapes and sizes, fighting for the right for us all 'to be ourselves'...
A short one this week and more of a heads-up to look out for my new favourite, ad. From the clearly very lovely, people at Dove.
How many of us get up in the morning look in the mirror and sigh? Skin not clear enough, body not trim enough, hair not silky smooth enough? How many of us try on clothes that don't fit our shape because they are made for skinny mannequin size?
Not every single woman in the world is beautiful. This is actually ok. Being plain is not a tragedy. Being rubbish at pub quizzes is a problem. Being an actively nasty person is a problem. Having quite an average arrangement of facial features is not.
Women are beautiful. This we know, because a series of Dove ad campaigns and TV programmes hosted by Gok Wan celebrating so called 'real women' have told us so.