down's syndrome

Tonight is the official opening of the Special Olympics National Summer Games GB, the country's largest sports event for athletes with intellectual disabilities, held every four years.
24 hours after a birth fraught with complications, we were told that the medical professionals thought Seb had Down's syndrome. What should have been the happiest day of my life was the worst. For Simon, my husband, it was very different. He accepted the diagnosis from day one and through all my tears and heartbreak he constantly reassured me that we would cope.
My name is Sarah Gordy and I am an actress. I also happen to have Down's syndrome.I was in the show called Upstairs Downstairs, which I loved. It was a drama series on BBC One and it was on from 2010 to 2012. After the series I got to appear on TV chat shows and talk to newspapers in the UK.
A way to "switch off" the genetic defect responsible for Down's syndrome has been developed by scientists. The technique
Oliver Burton also met Helen Mirren's corgis Once again, his parents were told to say goodbye - but once again Oliver proved
Over several decades I've found that identifying ourselves in terms of such spiritual qualities can be liberating. It can loosen the grip of the conviction life is primarily shaped by material factors and bring out a sense of health, rather than sickness, being the divine default.
A mother has complained to Cineworld after her daughter, who has Down's Syndrome, was kicked out of a children's film for
Seb White, the four-year-old boy with Down's syndrome who starred in Marks and Spencer's Autumn catalogue, will appear in
I respect a person's right to hold any opinion, even if I don't respect the opinion itself. Which means Frankie Boyle's repertoire of jokes about Madeleine McCann, BabyP, Katie Price's disabled son Harvey and children with Down's Syndrome don't send me into paroxysms of rage.
A four-year-old boy with Down's Syndrome has been given a star modelling role in Marks and Spencer's Christmas catalogue
A man with Down's syndrome is suing an NHS trust over a hospital's decision to issue a do-not-resuscitate order - saying
A Christian girl detained in Pakistan accused of burning pages of the Quran is 14 years old, and has a mental age of much
Doctors have examined a young Christian girl in Pakistan accused of burning pages of the Quran, to establish her age and
An 11-year-old girl with Down's Syndrome is being held on blasphemy charges after being accused of burning pages of the Quran
A 10-month-old baby with Down’s syndrome is being used to front an entire advertising campaign for prestigious Spanish swimwear
More than one in 50 babies has a birth defect - almost double the previous estimate, according to the most comprehensive
If Ricky Gervais came into a bar or a green room and said to some friends or fellow comics, "Alright mongs?", my guess is that it would cause little if any consternation, but when @rickygervais published the same phrase regularly, it started to cause trouble.