The government's long-awaited white paper on housing - due to be published shortly - is widely expected to feature measures to promote downsizing by older homeowners. The proposals are predicted to include exemptions on stamp duty for older people moving to smaller properties, thereby freeing up larger homes for younger families as part of the answer to the housing crisis.
There were cards sent from my brother and I that he had written because I was too young to be able to, and even cards from my grandparents to them. How can a collection like this ever be thrown away? At the moment it can't. Perhaps there will come a day when I will be able to. Perhaps not.
Prudential says that two-fifths of homeowners aged over 55 are looking to downsize. Will the government come up with a 'Help to move' package to make it happen? And will planners and developers create the housing options that older people want?
The prime minister yesterday pledged to introduce a new "family test" to ensure that every domestic policy is examined for its impact on the family. If David Cameron was to implement the policy retrospectively, how would the coalition government fare?
As house prices continue to rise, you might expect that a growing number of older homeowners are looking to downsize their
Ageing is a normal part of life, something that will happen to us all if we're lucky. It really is a gift as it means we have more time to spend with loved ones, more time to pursue our passions or discover new ones, and more time to learn and share our experiences.
The £1.2 trillion question is this. What will it take for older people to release their housing equity in order to plan for care? For me the answer lies in changing the conversation about planning for later life and providing an environment where the focus is on relationships and contribution.
Despite all the temptations of London living, I realised over Christmas that, at least at heart, I am a minimalist. I crave the simple life. I love being in Wales where my days are spent writing, doing yoga and walking dogs and feeding horses. So over the holiday period, I thought up a couple of little tips to help you get more minimalist...
I moved into my first apartment last June. Before that, I'd lived my life in relatively spacious countryside homes and city terrace houses, and if I'm honest, I didn't consider the potential differences apartment life might brings.
The UK housing market has filled the headlines in recent years, with many commentators decrying the stagnation of the sector. Solutions have not been forthcoming, but it is safe to say that the shortage in housing stock requires an honest appraisal, followed by an injection of purpose and innovation.