downton abbey review

One of the great, modern consolations of a British autumn is upon us. The nights may be drawing in but, fortunately, that
A right royal 'outing' for Lady Rose, in the arms of the Prince of Wales Fellowes has form in pitting the family narrative
What happened in 'Downton Abbey's final episode to Series 4? Let's see. Well, Lady Mary didn't accept any of her THREE suitors
Robert's summons to America gave the Earl's brow even more reason than usual to be furrowed. If his journey to the bosom
"Your husband's a brooder, and brooders brood." Thus did 'Downton Abbey's Mr Bates attempt to assuage poor Anna's tears about
'Downton Abbey', and the estrangement between Anna and Mr Bates ploughed on - until Bates forced poor Mrs Hughes' hand, and
"What's the matter with everyone this merry morn?" It was left to Barrow as usual to cut to the heart of the matter as everyone
Last week I made a wish that events at Downton would crank up a notch. This week, it was a case of, upstairs, prayers answered
Is it me, or is 'Downton Abbey' just a little more dour, a bit more plodding, than in days gone by? That, despite all the
It is a truth universally acknowledged that… 'Downton Abbey' Series 3 was not the strongest season of this mammoth Transatlantic