The miners were probably the hardest hit during that particular 4 year term of office. And it was deeply heartening to hear a story about another oppressed group the government loathed - the LGBT community - coming to the support of others in solidarity just because it was the right thing to do.
Our labour is worth just the same as anyone else's. Don't let society carve into to stone what we know to be wrong by allowing this opinion to go unchallenged...
The Government's War on Welfare reaps destruction in its path but one heinous feature of this iniquitous 'reform' appears
On Thursday 29 August I attended the first event of a week of action by disabled people over the many issues currently facing our community. The protest I made my way to was over Crossrail and the fact that several stations along the route of this massive infrastructure project were not going to have step free access...
As I stood in the driveway of a seemingly vacant mansion, the bodies around me began to shiver in the cooling air and newly falling drizzle. There was a gentle breeze of hope. The atmosphere was positive, friendly, and constructive, the movement had a sense of confidence.
A man who suffers from physical disabilities and mental health problems but was judged fit to work by private government