Accountability and responsibility; where does it start and where does it end? Growing up always comes with taking on greater responsibilities, and we soon learn that our decisions not only affect our own lives, but also those of others, either close or unknown to us. The same counts for our actions, and the direct and indirect consequences they may trigger.
We've seen the troubling issue of violence against children accused of witchcraft back in the headlines this week, as the UK Government launches an action plan to tackle it.
For the second time in 40 years the Democratic Republic of Congo has gone to the polls. Over the years, The DRC has been blighted by militia violence, corruption and political failures earning the label of a "failed state".
Regardless of the result in the DRC, placing all parties under the spotlight of the international media before the result may be one of the only ways the international community can help protect the ordinary Congolese people. It might also remind some news producers why they got into the business in the first place.