In the latest Dreamworks family film, we encounter the charming Mr Peabody, who also happens to be the most accomplished
Despite the fact that I am 21 years of age, I am still a huge sucker of kid films, mainly because of their light-hearted
David Geffen may have been able to reinvent himself many times over as the oft-acknowledged king of the entertainment industry
Protesters outside the Oxford Union According to reports, as many as 40 protesters turned up outside, with organisers of
The more Hollywood relies on remakes and pours money into superhero franchises that are safer bets at the box office, the more people will turn up to watch these beautifully drawn animated worlds brought to life. As long as Studio Ghibli and Pixar are open for business, it will be worth our effort and money every time.
Very appropriately for the coming season, Jack Frost is on his way... on screen, if not yet on our streets. Voiced by Chris
There may have been concerns that Puss in Boots might have been a step to far for the character of Puss, but luckily Banderas and his co-stars are more than capable to hold the audiences attention for the full 90 minutes.