Paralympian Natasha Baker is proof that nothing should hold you back from achieving your dreams. At 14 months old, the five
Everyone hopes that with a map. a GPS and a Guide Dog you can't get lost even if you are blind. But you can and my route map to the Paralympics in Rio led to a cul de sac.
My painfully awkward awareness of the external image I projected to my teen mates was made more acute by my ever dissipating self-image. Before leaving the house, or in the cloakroom at school. I would stand in front of the mirror straining to catch a glimpse, through its milky film, of my ever dissolving reflection.
My horse Szekit and I recently had our first competition for the National Summer Dressage Qualifiers, and the fact that the date of the competition was Friday the 13th did set off a few alarm bells in my head. Nevertheless putting superstition aside and with entry fees paid, my final preparations began.
The voice on the other end of the phone excitedly informed me that I had been nominated and had gone through to the last four finalists of the 'Inspirational Guide dog owner of the year Award for 2014'. I woke up with a bang. 'Seriously!?'
My guide dog Uffa and I decided to hang up his dirty harness and my old riding boots and dress up in his Sunday best High Visability Outfit and me in my cutest kitten heels for this years London Fashion week...
As a non-horse, this cat is cruelly denied from taking part in the Olympic dressage event. But we feel this video will is
At the age of three, after my complete lack of talent at ballet became unignorably apparent to both my Mum and Teacher, due to my inability to avoid slaying my fellow taffita toting tots with my far from graceful but enthusiastic whirling, I was stripped of my tutu, hammered into a riding hard hat the size of a nut and driven to the local stables, where I was to spend every Saturday morning from then on. This is where my love affair with horses began...
There are a few unavoidable complications to being blind. Aside from the agony of wardrobe choice and having to learn how to negotiate high heels in the equivalent of a blackout there is the identity of certain common or garden things that stubbornly remain a mystery to me...