drinking culture

That it took so long for pubs to be closed speaks to government fear of a powerful public backlash, writes Jodie Hare.
The same people who are pointing the finger at Magaluf Girl most likely aren't any better in the drinking and doing stupid things department. We have a drink culture that wholeheartedly believes in peer pressure and excess, and for some reason, we don't think there is something wrong with that.
She told me that it was their usual habit to include a licensed bar at the 'family disco' and that she had not received any other negative feedback about it. Bottom line...I was wrong and had been put firmly in my place.
If your weekend was blighted by hangovers and morning-after-the-night-before regret (dancing on the table using your iPhone
You know the one, right? Hail-fellow-well-met. Everyone's pal. The life and soul. Always great for a laugh, cracking jokes. The one you'd always prefer to be sat next to on a night out. Witty. Good drinker. Generous. Entertaining. Yeah, drinks more than is recommended but doesn't everyone? And truly is so nice with it that there's just no harm. Bullsh*t.