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Don't sit down to watch the election results without our drinking game bingo card! (Created for HuffPost UK Comedy by David
Game of Thrones features lots of sex, violence and intrigue but it does all make for some essential elements and that works perfectly in any given drinking game, and GoT characters tend to drink, lots. So it's time to consider what quote and situations work best...
Nights out with large groups can be grating, and large numbers can really distract your peers from the task in hand - Drinking. So in order to combat this annoyance, I suggest you insist on playing The Lesbian Drinking Game alongside the rest of the general merriment. And here are the rules.
Here at HuffPost UK Comedy, we don't endorse getting bladdered over Christmas - or at any time of the year - of course. Ahem
A man who swallowed a live goldfish as part of a neknominate challenge is believed to have been the first person to have
Watching the Brits tonight? Play along at home with our handy drinking game bingo card... (Made for HuffPost UK Comedy by
Police investigating the death of a 29-year-old man from Cardiff today said they had received information "regarding the
This season's 'The Apprentice' is well under way - so we think it's about time we brought out the bingo card. Treat yourself
We know that he's going to confess to doping - but what else will Lance Amstrong reveal in his interview with Oprah Winfrey