Drinking water

Drinking enough water can be a challenge. These tricks will up your H2O intake without you even realising it.
Their maternity ward in Malawi now has access to running water.
Hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, is a process in which water and chemicals are injected into rocks at high pressure to extract gas. While plans to extract shale gas in the UK have stalled for the last seven years, companies are pushing for exploratory drilling to continue. Protestors have stopped progress at many sites around the UK and continue to call for all fracking plans to be stopped due to concerns about the environment, particularly drinking water and pollution.
It could be used as fuel, drinking water or even turned into breathable air.
Bottled water collection points set up as a precaution.
'We can’t use the toilet, we can’t wash our hands, we can’t have drinking water.'
So what's my point then? It's the same one I regularly make: don't believe the hype. There's no specific amount of water you need to drink each day. The amount you need will vary from day to day depending on the temperature, how much sweat you've lost, the food you've eaten, etc.
It's easier to be out of shape in winter, with all those layers to hide under. But once the warmer weather is here, being in less-than-peak form gets harder to ignore - particularly if we're carrying a few (or more) extra pounds. Just the wake-up call we need for a mind and body turn-around.